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The Powder Coating Process

Step 1 - Consists of proper cleaning and pretreatment of the metal. Your product undertakes a rigorous cleaning to ensure dirt, grease, tape and other residue is properly cleansed from the surface with our steel and aluminum solutions. As well as proper masking for areas that is not desired for coating depending on what is being coated. Then dried.

Step 2 - Is application of the powder. After the product has been cleaned properly, masked and dried then it is time for spraying. This is a very important step because if the item is not carefully and properly coated it will end up with alot of light areas as well as an unprofessional look.

Step 3 - This is the final step in the process, which is curing the product in a batch oven. The product will "bake" for a predetermined amount of time to get desired color and sealing. Thereafter the product will be taken out and left to cool down.

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